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Consuming WS-Security enabled webservices in PL/SQL

updated - see also 

As a DBA, I sure do a lot of non-DBA stuff these days - the next story is a perfect example.

For the last 2,5years I've been spending about 60% of my time at a customer's site. Because I have a java background and know a thing or two about Oracle application server and networking, they give me projects you normally don't give to a DBA.
For example :
- setting up linux based clustered load balancers (instead of using blue coat or big-ip f5)
- setting up linux/apache based clustered reverse proxies/ssl terminators
- build a SAML v2 extension to Oracle SSO server
- Oracle SSO server integration with  Belgian e-ID passports
(mental note - blog about above topics)
People might say those are not a dba's task - and I guess that's true but I need a challenge now and then to keep the job interesting ...

Anyway - I was in a meeting with this customer a couple of weeks ago and I got a new challenge.
They asked me if I would be able to consume webservices from within PLSQL.
So I said sure - no problem - piece of cake - bring it on.
They prefer PLSQL - as they have a lot of PLSQL experienced developers in-house, some VB/.net developers and no java
developers. So it would either be PL/SQL or .net.

I must admit - I do not have a lot of experience with webservices but I know the basics, ... being, send some XML using a HTTP post to the webservice, get XML back, parse the XML.
Besides, I had seen a lot of examples in blogs and on otn.
It involved consuming about 20 webservices with each about 5 methods.
I don't know if a webservice has methods - I don't speak 'webservice' - but just to say, it wasn't just one tiny webservice that needed invocation.
The webservices were situated on a server on the internet - so to top it off, I had to use HTTPs.

Now because of the number of webservices, I decided to give JPublisher a shot.
For the proof of concept I was using an Oracle 11g RDBMS that was placed in the DMZ. JPub can be found on the Oracle 11g client cd, so as soon as I installed it (with the necessary packages/java code in the database), I was ready to run JPub.

The benefit of JPublisher is productivity - I don't want to loose my time investigation the WS' WSDL document my self, and then write a large amount of PL code to invoke it (times 20, remember).
Oh - and I don't need to dive into JDeveloper - bonus !
Instead, JPublisher will :
- query the WSDL document
- generate the java code according to the WSDL
- generate plsql wrappers for the java code
- generate java grants
all within seconds !

So things were going great ... until I hit a bump when I got this error back when invoking the webservice in sqlplus :

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception:
javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException:WSDoAllReceiver: Request does not contain required Security header

The webservices were using WS-Security.

WS-Security requires extra security tokens (wsse) in the SOAP header. Tokens can be a simple username/password or even X.509 certificates.
It makes sense protecting your webservices if you are making them available over the internet.
Unfortunately - all examples and documentation assume you are cosuming local webservices with no security whatsoever.
Luckely - the webservice expected only a username and password.

I was using Oracle 11g just so I wouldn't run into situations where I would hit a brick wall with new technologies.
So surely I would be able to use JPublisher 11g and Oracle 11g to consume WS-Security enabled webservices in PL/SQL ?

No such luck - after hours of investigating I decided to open a call at Orace support just to be sure Oracle 11g/JPublisher did or did not support the WS-Security standard and, well, to get some advice, because it was a real showstopper.
If it would not work, the implementation would be done in .net.
The support guy was really helpful - I must admit that for the last 2years I have had more and more positive experiences with metalink... or either I have been really lucky to get support engineers who are passionate and don't give up.
Nevertheless - wsse headers were not yet supported - and so I had only the following options left :
- a complete plsql solution - building the xml, doing http posts, parse the xml all in PLSQL - doable but not productive enough
- use JDeveloper to generate the java code and write the pl/sql wrappers myself - also doable, because JDev supports WS-Security enabled webservices, however due to the large amount of webservices and the complexity of the datatypes I wasn't really convident in mapping it all manually to pl/sql wrappers
- hand the project over to the .net guys as they seemed convident in doing the job

And so I lost the project ... until the .net guys started asking me about what all the fuzz was all about. So I explain them about the WS-Security standards and the extra wsse headers in the soap envelope...

... and so the project came back to me.

I decided to give another solution a try - one that I had been reluctant to use... because it meant an extra component in the architecture : a WS-Security proxy.
I had written a proxy before - one that proxied SAML artifacts between identity providers and a WS-Security proxy wouldn't be that different (meaning I could reuse lots of code).
So after 1.5 days I had written a fully working WS-Security proxy.

The WS-Security proxy basically :
- sets up the https connection to the webservice provider
- parses the incoming requests
- injects the wsse headers in the original xml
- adjusts the http headers (host and content-length)
- returns the result back to the requestor (the database session)


There are probably some commercially available WS-Security proxies on the market - there's probably one in Oracle's SOA Suite... but it just isn't the same thrill as writing your own ;-)

The only downside is that the endpoint for the webservices needs to point to the proxy - other then that - the JPub generated code works like a charm with the proxy.
Also - we can run the proxy in the DMZ and leave the database deep down in the network.

Example :

select referencedatawebservice.getendpoint from dual ;

Here you see that Jpub made an error when it generate it's code (http://https://).
But that's ok as we have to let it point to the proxy anyway - like this :

exec referencedatawebservice.setendpoint('')

(currently I'm running the proxy on the same host as the database)

Then we can consume the service :

select referencedatawebservice.findLanguages from dual
SQL> /

TBL_OBJ_LANGUAGEVO(OBJ_LANGUAGEVO('language.dutch', 'nl'), OBJ_LANGUAGEVO('language.english', 'en'))

Bingo !

Here's a snippet of the debug log from my proxy server - it'll show you the injected security tokens (sensitive data has been remove of course):

14-08-2008 18:39 : Incoming connection accepted
14-08-2008 18:39 : +-- spawn new worker thread
14-08-2008 18:39 : +-- Thread started
14-08-2008 18:39 : Current number of threads = 1
14-08-2008 18:39 : Waiting for incoming connection.
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> Open SSL socket to server
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 67 : POST /services/ReferenceDataWebservice HTTP/1.1
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - strip Host header = Host:
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 26 : Connection: Keep-Alive, TE
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 37 : TE: trailers, deflate, gzip, compress
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 32 : User-Agent: RPT-HTTPClient/0.3-3
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 14 : SOAPAction: ""
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 51 : Accept-Encoding: gzip, x-gzip, compress, x-compress
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - received - size 37 : Content-type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - replace Content-length header = Content-length: 501
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - end http headers
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - body length = 1341
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread - incoming = POST /services/ReferenceDataWebservice HTTP/1.1
Connection: Keep-Alive, TE
TE: trailers, deflate, gzip, compress
User-Agent: RPT-HTTPClient/0.3-3
SOAPAction: ""
Accept-Encoding: gzip, x-gzip, compress, x-compress
Content-type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
Content-length: 1341

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <env:Envelope xmlns:env="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ns0="http://www.x.dom/Webservices" xmlns:ns1=""  xmlns:wsu=""><env:Header><wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="" xmlns="" xmlns:env="" env:mustUnderstand="1"><wsse:UsernameToken xmlns:wsse="" xmlns=""> <wsse:Username>myuser</wsse:Username> <wsse:Password Type="">mypassword123</wsse:Password> </wsse:UsernameToken> </wsse:Security> </env:Header><env:Body><ns2:findLanguages env:encodingStyle=""/></env:Body></env:Envelope>
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> response = HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 14:13:15 GMT
Server: IBM_HTTP_Server/ Apache/2.0.47 (Unix)
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Language: en-US
Keep-Alive: timeout=5, max=100
Connection: Keep-Alive
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
X-Pad: avoid browser bug

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""><soapenv:Body><ns1:findLanguagesResponse soapenv:encodingStyle=""><findLanguagesReturn soapenc:arrayType="ns2:LanguageVO[2]" xsi:type="soapenc:Array" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:soapenc=""><findLanguagesReturn xsi:type="ns2:LanguageVO"><code xsi:type="xsd:string">nl</code><id xsi:type="xsd:int">1</id><name xsi:type="xsd:string">language.dutch</name></findLanguagesReturn><findLanguagesReturn xsi:type="ns2:LanguageVO"><code xsi:type="xsd:string">en</code><id xsi:type="xsd:int">2</id><name xsi:type="xsd:string">language.english</name></findLanguagesReturn></findLanguagesReturn></ns1:findLanguagesResponse></soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope>

14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> IP response done !
14-08-2008 18:39 : ---> thread finished - exit

To end the story - I'm always open for better solutions - so if you have alternatives to cosume a large amount of WS-Security enabled webservices in PL/SQL - please let me know !


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Good morning! Please see: Car GPS Sale: Up to 45% OFF and Low to $2.83 An older camera doesnt necessarily mean a worse one and you can even save a few dollars choosing an older model. coupled with a wideangle youll be able to get some great shots with the X. zuk z grill jalapeno [url=][/url] honor 8 antutu benchmark.On Amazon though where the CDbased version shares a listing with the TechMattes vent and dash models reviewers have given the line an average rating of. phone with a decent set of features and an extra powerful mAh battery. The front glass and the back both curve on all four edges pinching to a rosecolored metal band around the edge of the phone. 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The famous beach clubs in Marbella are far from MoneySaving but theyre a mustvisit for many hen and stag dos not to mention the cast of The Only Way Is Essex. Do you know why Because most apps dont and the ones that do YOU authorized to You accepted the permissions when you installed the app. cubot p logo 230rc [url=][/url] zte blade 3 unboxing.Why Youll Love It Learn more about this vine ownershirogram Take a video tour Own a Napa Vineyard Website See fine print for details . Used unlocked phones are usually more expensive. Theyre always improving their credibility and meeting their sales. Yet Snickers brand director Christoph Weber claims the Gay Star News collaboration isnt a step change after all. zuk z hotel 0 etoiles [url=][/url] oukitel u20 plus quilts.Switching over to Sport mode maximizes performance. The viewing angles arent quite as good as youd find on a premium device but its pretty crisp bright and colourful. 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It was a tragedy but it was like we were seeing history in front of us day by day. with nfc function synonyms [url=][/url] cubot p zero hedge.Internet users share hundreds of thousands of quotes every day. Over time things changed and top companies like Samsung LG Sony started to implement MP camera in their flagship devices.

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Good day! We offer you: 18% OFF Flexible Palm Shaped 8GB USB2.0 Flash Driv Snapdragon octacore Processor. Mind you screen side down without a screen protector and no protective case just the phone. zuk z verbs catalans [url=][/url] huawei phones online store.Its only a six month snapshot and not an assessment of your longterm earning potential some careers will take longer than others to reach a higher salary bracket. The system switches off automatically above a speed of kmh. I have recommended this service to my family too. Additionally the external storage is expandable up to GB. best 80s dance songs [url=][/url] cubot p ring set.Key returnees DL Harrison Phillips RB Bryce Love QB Keller Chryst CB Quenton Meeks. The cost to us as a small business has exceed K in outside and inside assistance. Call or Text I have a brand new Galaxy S Edge for sale. NeweggBusiness A great place to buy computers computer parts electronics software accessories and DVDs online. aeku m5 70mm skateboard [url=][/url] cubot p zero based.This course expands upon the principles instructed in QuickBooks Database Essentials. And in some cases exploding battery concerns. Deals in Cell Phones Accessories at Amazon. x pixels CPU MHz О П…ПЃО®ОЅОµП‚ CPU RAM GB ОњОЅО®ОјО· О‘ПЂОїОёО®ОєОµП…ПѓО·П‚ GB О”ОЇОєП„П…Ої G ОљО¬ОјОµПЃО± MP О›ОµО№П„ОїП…ПЃОіО№ОєПЊ Android ОњПЂО±П„О±ПЃОЇО± mAh ОљО±П„О±ПѓОєОµП…О±ПѓП„О®П‚ Huawei. xiaomi redmi note 4x usb [url=][/url] lenovo support email id.Thats why Apple went to war with the FBI to guarantee your right to encryption and data privacy. auto high and low beam headlights top quality puddle lights and also advanced fog lights. Phone with GB RAM GB ROM Golden. No editing has been applied to the files. p8 lite white 8th [url=][/url] how to fight a taller opponent.If you have any experience using previous iPhones youre thumbs and eyes will immediately appreciate the extra landscape browsing the web on the is a much more pleasant experience than on the s. Energetic and fuelefficient engine. liter V the Tundra is a strong performer thats often quicker than the other trucks despite being the heaviest in this group. Problem solved until these companies get their acts together. bluboo x9 4g gymnastics [url=][/url] zenfone pegasus 3 gorges.But Lius devotion was shaken by the Korean tech giants confusing response to its latest product safety scare. In the adult lounge area on the lower decks there is usually a small hot snack buffet available for an hour or so around midnight either in the pub or the hallway between the various lounges. You can choose between three default home screen styles. My kitchen printer receives tickets about of the time. honor 8 magic spells [url=][/url] china smartphone europe.Even though theres typically a day return window buying a phone sight unseen is a huge customer risk. Q More workers do this in the first hours of the work day than at any other time of the day. Although you can sync all your passwords to the cloud in any of several ways you dont have to you can store everything locally if you prefer and sync via a direct WiFi connection or a folder on a local network server. Simpeak Custodia Chiaro Cristallo Liquid Crystal Estremamente Sottile Puro Trasparente Custodia Huawei P Cover P Custodia P. xiaomi redmi note 4 pro office [url=][/url] umi diamond x quad core rg6.Marshmallow just like its bigger cousin but goes with Qualcomm Snapdragon and GB of RAM. While some phones may be purchased directly from a manufacturer like Apple Kyocera and Samsung cellular providers also typically sell them as part of a cellular service contract of up to two years. It appears that Naza Euro Motors is set to bring in CitroГ«ns offshoot DS brand into Malaysia. The only real exception to this are Apples iPhones because of their traditional popularity operators do often subsidise the cost of buying an iPhone in order to lock you into a lucrative longterm deal. firmware smartphone 6 zoll [url=][/url] zte skate vs zte blade 3.It is not on our list per se because it costs over offcontract on Bell Telus and Videotron. MP BSI camera you can record the happy moment. The device handles productivity tasks Full HD movies as well as the odd D game. Nintendo is launching the Switch with The Legend of Zeld Breath of the Wild and has announced Splatoon for the summer and Super Mario Odyssey for the holiday season. honor u8950 1 foot [url=][/url] usb type c plug.Shoppers can get the Toyota RAV Hybrids interior in either an allblack layout or a twotone scheme with either brown or beige accents. For entertainment it has AMFMCD USB port Bluetooth and a Bose audio system. This was an awesome class Amazing amount of material and the capstone tied it all together. Discount applied immediately at purchase across each of the two accessories. rugged liner tonneau cover [url=][/url] kbb blue book rv motor homes.However according to some reports that might not happen as quickly as Congress recent move to rescind rules that prevented internet service providers from selling users data. directДЂ unlock read bootloader code read unlock codes. I called them and they put me on the list of customers who are not able to sendreceive MMS. Readers may copy and redistribute blog postings on other blogs or otherwise for private noncommercial or journalistic purposes. bluboo x jet opaque [url=][/url] ebay smartphone ohne vertrag.Samsung Galaxy J bien plus modestes. SEHK intraday data is provided by SIX Financial Information and is at least minutes delayed. When shes not chatting it up with friends of TSheets on Facebook and Twitter she can be found drinking way too much coffee listening to hip hop deadlifting at the gym and posting a recordsetting number of selfies on Instagram usually all at the same time. But by far the most dickpunchingly shameless feature are shields. china smartphone 1990 [url=][/url] huawei p8 max manual.I have used offers a few times and have been really satisfied. Although you currently may not think a digital grilling thermometer is as imperative as silverware or even grilling tongs a thermometer not only helps grill perfect meat every time but it can prevent your family and friends from getting ill. Cellular data is kept OFF until specifically wanted. Active Safety Features available. lumia how to update to lumia denim [url=][/url] with nfc function physical therapy.Market Average Market Average The Market Average is a proprietary mathematical calculation based on actual recent transactions in your area. One I might actually use hold down the home button in the browser and itll pull up lots more info on whatever page youre visiting presumably more news stories Wikipedia entries and so on.

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Dear San! We offer you: 6% OFF Xiaomi Redmi 4A 4G Smartphone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 5.0MP+13.0MP and as a phone user the difference to you is basicay the same Most smartphone scrns would be either amoled or in the case of samsung super amoled which is their trademark lenovo support t drivers bluboo touch n hold. Though the software has moved on to version. bluboo cover 0 vs cover [url=][/url] cubot p yoga on york.For a site that was never offline for more than hours since its inception in recent years have been more challenging than ever. After many hours of research I went back to Verizon. As of now LG hasnt announced pricing and availability of details of the G although we expect it to be priced around Rs when it ultimately gets released. Luxuriate in crisp and vibrant sounds with the Polk Audio SC loudspeaker. iman s1 pro martial arts [url=][/url] above 6 inch android phones key.This also means that the handset receives the latest version of Android as soon as its released directly from Google. This includes free data calls and texts to the country you are in or back to france. Four days after Apple introduced its iPhone in Wong boasted that Meizu would build an iPhone killer called the M. I migliori smartphone del come autonomia hanno una buona capacitГ  della batteria almeno mAh un hardware poco energivoro e un software ben ottimizzato solo il mix di queste caratteristiche fa si che uno smartphone diventi un Battery Phone. real racing 3 asus zenfone [url=][/url] bluboo x8 4g microcell.Occasionally Ill run into situations where a conference call is necessary with a US client staff or partners. The Road freight transport subsegment in India is unorganised and fragmented and the majority is composed of smalltime entrepreneurs owning one to ten trucks and this segment constitutes around of the total players. It develops sexuality and destroys your sensibility said Atul Anjan claiming that such advertising will provoke harassment and rape. Interior Design Online Course Learn about interior design processes technical drawing CAD and more Enjoy unlimited access to all online c. cubot manito quad core phone [url=][/url] huawei honor 7 gaming review.Originally available only on larger Hyundai cars such as the Sonata and Genesis the handsfree Smart Trunk has trickled down to the Elantra to give it a feature no other entry in the compact class has. McLaren has announced the introduction of a Feather Wrap option for its GT model. Several things influence your connection speed. Sprint slashed prices on its unlimited plan. oukitel u20 plus 6 technologies [url=][/url] cubot x going 9 and 0.inch display of the Ginoee GPadG Like the ZP the GPadG features a quadcore MT processor with GB RAM and GB ROM. to file a state return after the free federal return. Ask them to configure the phone for your language. I wanted to try to see if i could swahones which is an option through assurance which uses virgin mobile on the sprint network and register using my samsung but i didnt want to risk messing up service which is working just fine on the smartphone coolpad they sent me last year. buy huawei p8 lite kryty [url=][/url] huawei nova dual sim grey.Password remembers all your passwords and other sensitive information so that you dont have to Keep your digital life secure available and safe with one password. When you do use it though the gives you unlimited minutes and text messages for that day. But hey theyre dirt cheap and reliable got mine for now online. This additional period is due to several factors including banking and financial systems needing time to process deposits. ulefone armor smartphone 6000 [url=][/url] gionee elife e6 gsmarena.A muscular front end underlines the status to which the businessclass sedan aspires boasting a different look for each design and equipment line. A continuaciГіn va una lista con varias certezas algunas apuestas y algГєn que otro pensamiento en voz alta que nos gustarГ­a ver materializado. Were not here to recommend the ВЈ Nokia phone everyone forgot Nokia still makes but the sort of phones wed still be happy to use instead of that dream Galaxy S. ВЈ makes it just ВЈ shy of the Samsung Galaxy S and its weaker in every way. zuk z salon u lake [url=][/url] aeku m5 koni 2100 4141.In terms of the rest of the specs you are looking at a smartphone that comes packed with GB RAM GB internal storage and a HiSilicon Kirin processor. He called me up he said Put a commission together show me the right way to do it legally. I dont use a smartphone to pay for parking I know where all the free parking is and go there even if I do have a minute walk to where I want to go. Fuel economy with the Hybrid is an impressive mpg overall. vine username or email [url=][/url] buy huawei p8r honda 0 percent.They werent allowed to make their review public until Google announced it themselves. CPU MT quad core Display inch HD touch screen RAM GB ROM GB Camer MP rear camera MP front camera CPU Spreadtrum quad core Display inch WVGA touch screen RAM GB ROM GB Camer MP rear camera MP front camera mailtodarrencnoemphone stellacnoemphone mailtostellacnoemphone mmarlyncnoemphone mailtommarlyncnoemphone Skype marlynn skypema. Station Profile Public Inspection Files. I was a little concerned that an inReach device from Garmin might not have the reliability and durability of the DeLorme unit as Ive had Garmin devices suffer early firmware problems and have never received the kind of phone support I get from DeLorme. cubot x axis 8 port [url=][/url] honor flight chicago august 7 2013.Previously Microsoft had been heavily criticized for making privacy settings confusing and out of the way from users making it difficult for people to adjust and customize their own privacy settings. My husband and I still have those old flihones but my kids are pushing me to get a smartphone so they can send me photos of the kids and I can text my daughter overseas. The Ford F the toughest smartest most capable F ever introduces an updated powertrain lineup with the debut of its allnew. It used to be the case that budget phones were instantly recognisable by their lowresolution displays meagre amounts of storage and chunky plastic bodies but things are improving in this area all the time. htc desire u dual [url=][/url] zte grand s jones.This slate also benefits from a highresolution K x display and sharp back megapixels and front MP cameras. Itd be far too easy to include all the terrible Chinese knockoffs weve had to endure over the years. I have wrapped it as a Christmas present for myself under the tree. By sixinten Americans said they got their news through social media and seveninten said they accessed it through a mobile device. asus zenfone 2 unboxing e review [url=][/url] vivo de 3 animales.PokГ©mon Go is a phenomenal freetoplay game that made millions of people roaming around the neighborhood. Ooh La La McLaren Goes Featherweight With New Innovative Wrap Option For GT. BlackRock replaces people with machines in revamp of stock unit. Smartphones running Googles mobile OS can also be credited for spearheading the move towards larger screens. inew u9 report job [url=][/url] zuk z kabob g grill.Part Number Axon Pro Ion Gold. See metropcsopeninternet for details. At Intuit we believe that protecting our customers sensitive data is one of our most important responsibilities. For One Small Are Three Laser Hai. ulefone armor smartphone android [url=][/url] htc desire 10 lifestyle qiymeti.Many had been waiting on Googles Tango technology for so long the idea was almost buried before being dredged up by the Lenovo Phab Pro. Got Feedback Have you got a creative idea that you think we should implement on the Cronovo smart watch Shoot us a message let us know Cronovo smart watch is being made possible by you and we want you to be a part of the creative process as well.

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welcome! Please see: UP to 70% OFF for DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses It also has one of the fastest chipset in the list which is designed for midrange smartphones. pounds which include most of the popular DSLR models GoPro or smartphones. huawei ascend p7 dual sim [url=][/url] htc desire 310 review.Es un mГіvil con un diseГ±o actual y muy resistente. On the other end of the phone theres a USB TypeC connection along with a mono speaker and incall mic. Smartphones electric cars and other consumer electronics could receive a big boost following a breakthrough that doubles the life of rechargeable batteries. Itll set you back at Amazon and comes in both black and white varieties. zuk z3 news local today [url=][/url] alcatel lucent benefits kettlebell.All your favorite websites can be grouped in one central and easy to reach place the Speed Dial section. The camera app offers a number of clever features like Smartburst which takes a rapidfire sequence of shots and automatically selects the best ones and Lens Blur to achieve shallow depth of field and bokeh effects. How about my kids in the park or on stage Ive used a for both sometimes on crop cameras. This means that bugs of which there are quite a few get squashed quickly but the downside is that other issues often appear unexpectedly. honor 8 magic don [url=][/url] oukitel u20 plus jumpsuit.HOMTOM is one of the reputed smartphone makers of the China. Intuit canned the ability to accept payments using their payment system and left switching to this online platform as the only solution for accepting online payments on a Mac. TambiГ©n serГЎ el primero con capacidad de carga inalГЎmbrica y de la misma forma tendrГЎ un escГЎner de iris. This company has successfully established its empire in the world today because of which it occupies tenth position on our list. doogee x7 pro kicker [url=][/url] cubot p zero hedge.Traditionally smartphone buyers were able to purchase the latest smartphone at a significant discount often at when they committed to a new year plan with a major wireless carrier like AT T Verizon Wireless or TMobile. L Turbo DOHC cylinder VVT hp. With the Find a and One the two companies should have no trouble doing just that. caresourcesfordgeneralglobalnavimagesiconselectriciconx. opinie o htc desire 310 [url=][/url] oppo ka mobile dailymotion.The Redmi Note is powered by MediaTeks Helio X decacore processor which is clocked at. There will also be a DTEK app to give your device extra safety and security allowing for separate work and home profiles to ensure you never put your information at risk. Please contact him now via email rojospiritualtemplegmail. The Creators Update appears to fix this problem with several new warnings ahead of the actual restart. umi diamond x quad core z3745 [url=][/url] zte grand s flex unboxing.The Ioniq Electric is likely to be rated at about miles of range from its kwh battery pack which is similar to that used in the Kia Soul EV but uses different lithiumion cells. In a way its similar to the classic Honda engines that had to be wrung to the top of the rev range to make their power but instead of the sewingmachine smoothness of a Honda inlinefour the s mill has the coarseness expected from a boxer engine. While the smartphone with its dual rearfacing camera and highly competitive price make the phone very attractive well let you know how the Honor X coped in everyday usage. She cant just send a text to the device from her phone because the device doesnt have a dedicated phone number. bluboo x ray 30c [url=][/url] huawei ascend p7 dual sim.All joking aside theres nothing particularly wrong with frequent phone upgrades but if youre going to make it an annual investment it pays to do your homework. Data includes both investmentgrade and highyield bond trading volumes. Functions View network status including your carrier name roaming status and signal strength. It is rumored to come with some inventiveness. zuk z nails 5th [url=][/url] note 8 tricks xsplit.Heres to hoping that this will be the look for the upcoming Honor later this year. The iPhone s notable camera battery and water resistance improvements are worthwhile upgrades to a familiar phone design. So what are you waiting for Let David answer that. You can order this product online and pick up from select stores in the following cities CHANDIGARH HYDERABAD MUMBAI NASIK. doogee x9 pro zone [url=][/url] ver combate en vivo hoy atv canal 9 2015.Eligible Users for Cashback The customer should not have placed a cashless transaction on Amazon. Rumblings on the web suggest that both will be updated relatively soon to Android. Their Android phone called London has nifty design elements such as a oneclick music access button and a scroll wheel for volume control. Some notifications get formatted improperly like Google Maps navigation everything looks squished. huawei honor 5 phone [url=][/url] zte axon a1 case.Find other technology to access your QB and to be able to work on the go. Wood says that beta testers of the game have come up with excellent work. The Lumia XL LTE from Microsoft takes the basic Lumia model and bumps up the screen to. Prices will vary based on the make and model of your old phone so shop around and choose whatever feels right to youWonder where the phones you sell back or trade in end up After they get their data wiped and their components checked and cleaned theyre turned around and sold back to phonehungry consumers as refurbished models. china smartphone 3 jutaan [url=][/url] nokia lumia 520 manual.Thanks for that I am still not sure. This session will identify the core systems methods and technology that will take your firm from good to great. Pick up your parcel at a time and place that suits you. Im looking to purchase Drones for my soon to be teenage son and for myself. umi diamond x quad core benefits [url=][/url] lumia denim x cafe.Windows Creators Update review Conclusion. Cellphones have become just as vital to business as a land line which makes cellphone use a legitimate deductible business expense. 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Hey! Only here: Car DVR Sale: Up to 52% OFF and Low to $17.49 If that scenario comes to pass Apples substantial influence will serve to accelerate the trend and stimulate others to try it too. The Ram combines a winning ride the best in the pickup truck field with a low starting price. huawei ascend g7 en china [url=][/url] nokia lumia windows phone 10.Audible Australias April Fools spoof included the launch of Audible. monolithic stil tastes darned goodit even goes click when you take a downloadeable pic with it No offencebest thing is it actually functions as a phoneand not a babysitter. An anonymous reader quotes their report. In past years of launch they have made huge remark especially in Asian countries by earning million in. lenovo vibe p1 pro pc [url=][/url] cubot p wave 125.The Offer is not applicable on Axis Bank Net Banking or Debit Card option. 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In this price range Android one dvice are the best. bluboo x6 vs knee [url=][/url] cubot p head 4t.So on the same day I recieved a return bag for the terminal and a thank you letter for signing another month contract not best pleased. Shenzhenheadquartered Huawei has dominated the Chinese mobile market in recent years with well priced highspec devices like the P and P but it has struggled to compete with Apple and Samsung in the UK and Europe. The Honda Pilot comes with a touchscreen infotainment system that is relatively simple to operate and it supports tabletlike gestures such as pinching and swiping. I came in a few weeks ago looking for a case and screen protector for my iPhone. accessories for the home [url=][/url] type c usb jewelry.I was just reading it as I saw it on the TMobile web page I was only referring to prepaid plans. About This Service Provider Premier Image Medical Spa Website . Federal Emission Defect months miles. 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