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Get Started Now

How to go ahead in recovering your data :


bullet DUDE as a service or product

Allthough no trial version is available for download, we are more then happy to provide you with a proof of concept.

Several options are possible in deploying DUDE :

bullet upload your datafiles - DUDE runs on our server, operated by us (hourly rate - min 4h)
bullet provide a connection to your server - DUDE runs on your server, operated by us (hourly rate - min 4h)
bullet buy a license - DUDE runs on your server, operated by you, assisted by us (fixed price based on data volume)
bullet on-site consultant  (daily rate)

Please read the DUDE Primer to fully understand the limitations of the product !


bullet Contact us

When contacting us - make sure to provide us with essential information like :

bullet Company name and (company) email address
bullet Explain the situation - what happened ?
bullet Database version
bullet Platform
bullet Database size
bullet java version (java -v or java - version  - you'll need at least version 1.4)
bullet prefered deployment option :
bullet upload of datafiles
bullet provide a connection to your server
bullet run DUDE yourself
bullet on-site consultant (US only)




bullet Probe your environment

Before deployment, DUDE PROBE has to be run on your server (or the server to be used for extraction). Please read the DUDE PROBE page.


bullet Start your data recovery

When your environment has been probed - DUDE will be deployed on your database files. If you run DUDE yourself have a look here on how to get started.


bullet Proof of Concept

We can provide you with a free proof of concept by :

bullet either uploading some datafiles (SYSTEM + one file)
bullet provide you with a DUDE version that will only extract the first 10 rows of the first block of a table

See DUDE primer for info

Product is discontinued.