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Month of November, 2008 | ORA600
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Month of November, 2008

Kugendran Naidoo awarded best speaker and best innovative presentation at SAOUG

It seems that real-life (and larger than life) database recovery stories always seem to lure in the crowds.
It's like a car accident - people slow down, have a look and hope it never happens to them (and causing additional traffic jams while doing so).

I mentioned in my previous blogentry that Daniel Fink will be presenting some real-life recovery stories at RMOUG on the 21th november, so I'm pretty sure it will generate some disaster tourism Wink
One of the other ORA600 partners - South African's NRG Consulting - delivered a similar presentation last month at the South African Oracle Usergroup (SAOUG) :

DUDE Where is My Data - Database Recoveries and Data unloaders by Kugendran Naidoo

Kugendran is one of the brightest people I know - so I know he's a good presenter.
But Kugendran sure hit a home run that day.
He received the 'Best speaker award' for day 1 *and* the award for "Best Innovative Presentation 2008" :

SAOUG award

Two thumbs up !  

The SAOUG also made all presentations available on their website here.

And they've put a massive amount of pictures online.

Man - this sure looks like a class A event and I regret not being their with Kugendran - but who knows, maybe I'll submit a paper next year.


See DUDE primer for info

Product is discontinued.