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ORA600 Oracle News Aggregator decommissioned

I've decided today to decommission my oracle news aggregator.

I started it a couple of years ago when stopped its RSS aggregation. I was a big of orablogs but I was too late in offering the owner a price for the domain. Otherwise I would have continued

As it happened - I was too late and some other guy swept up the domain to make a quick buck. If I remember correctly, he was asking around 6000$ for the domain.

So - I decided to start my own RSS aggregator under the ora600 site.

I only added feeds that actually interested me (*no* Oracle EBS stuff!!!)


At the time, a nice side effect was the extra traffic and higher google ranking.

However, lately, the site's ranking is actually being hurt by the aggregator as google seems to be punishing aggregators because of duplicate content.

Anyway, with all the smart phone apps and news readers websites - aggregator sites have almost become obsolete.

And if you're interested in a pure Oracle RDBMS RSS aggregator - have a look at the oaktable aggregator


So with a couple of swift delete and truncate sql commands, I have purged just around 20000 blog entries.

Once I issued commit, I had the idea of maybe setting up a seperate site for the RSS entries ... but oh well ... too late.


It was a good run ! 

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Dang, I liked it.   Thanks for all the fish, fresh and otherwise Wink

re : awwww

I liked it too ... and I'm missing it already ... so maybe I restore the content from backup and create a new subdomain for it.

See DUDE primer for info

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