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Poker kampioen van Vlaanderen 2010

Players entered : 20000 entries (incl online players)

Regional finals :  674 entries

Semi finals : 54 entries

Final : 9 players !


(For more and better quality pictures - look here or here - courtesy of CINEVIDEOGROUP

Pictures below are taking with a crap iphone 3Gs Wink 


The tv table of pkvv !



No buy-in - no money involved - the extreme ugly belt was all you could win ( that - and fame and glory)



The side tables


Taping of the PKVV intro with former miss Belgium Joke Van De Velde and poker pro's Matthias and Christophe De Meulder (aka Kris and Yves Wink)

Most enjoyable table ever - together with 'de witte' who also qualified at the Pispot in Olen !

We seriously worked on the dealer's nerves when trying to convince her she miscounted a split pot several times Foot in mouth

In the end, de witte invited her for a drink at the bar ! 

After having some serious laughs at this table, de witte gets invited to play at the TV table.


At which point 'de witte' goes all in with A10 suited against pocket Aces !!!!

What follows is - de witte wins with a ROYAL FLUSH at the TV table - this will be youtube hit. The odds of hitting a royal flush is 1 in 649740 !!!

In an interview with Joke Van De Velde, she makes a bet with the witte - if he hits a royal flush again, he can ask her anything ... de witte plays it nice and only asks for a candle light dinner Cool - in another interview he's asked about 'his big hand' ... replying 'my hands ? there is nothing wrong with my hands Tongue out' - woohoo !

At this point I get re-seated at what I call a bingo table - big stacks going all-in pre-flop with marginal hands ... time to tighten up and sweat it out ...



De witte after his royal flush - allready the pokerstar of Belgium !!!


Only 55 players left - waiting for the bubble.

A guy at our table was anxious to go home and became a calling station - so I went all in with a 75000 stack (avg stack 55000), which he called with a marginal hand.

I won - he became small stack with around 3x BB. After the break he did not return, so our table blindly folded until the ghost busted out and became the bubble ghost ! Laughing

The crew interviewed our dealer about the situation and we all had to instant-fold in front of the camera - I was blindly folding anyways !

I ended the first day with a stack of 156000 and the average stack was about 70000.



Second day - entering the semi final with 54 entries - everybody starts with a stack of 12000 !

All goes well until someone goes all-in after my re-raise - which I call - fire in the hole !

I lose with my AK suited against his pocket pair JJ. Doh.

I needed to call him with that hand although he was from the same region (Antwerp - en wa doen mekander giene zier eej) - he was the guy who overslept and came in late by taxi (a 180euro ride !).

They filmed him jumping out of the taxi running into the arena - 5min later he doubles up with my chips Laughing - I didn't mind sponsoring him tho, he's an OK guy !




I needed to double up and I go all-in with AK ... everybody folds except the table's chipleader. I convince him to call me.

(I recommend reading 'Persuasion - the art of influencing people' by James Borg)

He has a small pocket pair - 77. I hit a K on the flop Wink

Waiting for the camera's to tape the showdown.


And I win the pot !


Some silly interviews with Joke and Matthias - at one point they go on a quest for most romantic song on an mp3 player - one guy gets picked out and is requested to actually sing the song to Joke... to everybody's surprise ... the guy actually sings really well ! Kudo's to him ... it ends in a slow dance with Joke with an angry girlfriend in the background - Great TV !


 Above you see the sound guy thinking - 'I can't believe what just happened !' Laughing


And after some 16 or 17h of playing poker - I bust and finish 28th (could have been 27 or 29th as the info on the screen was unclear) !

I raised 3xBB in middle position with AQs - everybody folds except the BB who calls - flop AK4 - BB bets my complete stack so I have

to go all-in to call - I call as I thought the BB was just bluffing and defending his blinds - BB shows AK Yell ... turn reveals Q and the river a 6 - game over) 

All in all - good job from our team (De Pispot van Olen) with 'de witte' finishing 18th, me 28th, 'de clé', 'jessica' and 'sunny pete' didn't make the semi's. 

Watch out for de witte on tv - he'll make some great television ! 


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